The English Department of Peet Memorial Training College, Mavelikara, has been involved in the moulding of prospective English language teachers, since the last several decades and has proudly contributed several teacher stalwarts to the English teaching fraternity of the state.

The Department houses both fresh graduates and post graduates from across the state of Kerala and provide them state of the art training in language teaching methodologies and pedagogical approaches with a focus on the infusion of technology in language teaching that has revolutionised the realms of language learning all across the world.

The prime objective of the Department has been to craft exceptionally insightful language teachers who are proficient not only in content knowledge, but also in technological and pedagogical knowledge. As such, the Department inspires every teacher trainee to develop their own unique styles and strategies that display the specific qualities that they possess as a teacher.

Some of the objectives that we have been zooming in on, over the past several years has been the inculcation of excellent English pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar skills, confidence, skill of material and resource development, assessment skills, reflective practice, micro teaching, subject mastery and the use of technological devices.


We have a language laboratory, e-learning resource bank and pattern practice materials.


The Department also runs an Association that has been termed ‘LItertati’ – a group of individuals with a profound interest in language and literature – that has been consistently organizing activities as literary forums, national and state level seminars, competitions and movie appraisals, just to mention a few.