B.Ed Programme (AIDED)

Bachelor of Education ( B.Ed ) is a two-year full- time course approved by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) and offered by University of Kerala.The college runs an aided stream of the Bachelor of Education programme as per the NCTE Order No. F/SRO/NCTE/1999 – 2000/8604dt.3/6/1999

Medium of Instruction


Sanctioned Strength


Offered by

University of Kerala

Subjects offered

Details of Fees

Particulars Amount (Rs.)
Tuition Fee 2100.00
Registration Fee 55.00
Laboratory Fee 55.00
Teaching practice Fee 55.00
Stationery Fee 30.00
Library Fee 105.00
Calendar Fee 35.00
Association and College Day Fee 55.00
Sports Fee 55.00
Excursion Fee 55.00
Magazine Fee 55.00
Medical Inspection Fee 10.00
Sports Affiliation Fee 75.00
University Union Fee 60.00
Student’s Aid Fund 30.00
Women’s Study Unit Fee 15.00
Student’s care Fund 100.00
Student’s Affiliation Fee 550.00
Caution Deposit 360.00
Examination Fee 4550.00
  1. Special fees are payable along with the first installment of tuition fees, at the time of admission
  2. A defaulter must pay Rs.5/- for fine within 10 days after the due date and with Rs.10/-, thereafter but before 25th day after the due date; if not the defaulters name will be struck off from the rolls.
  3. The caution deposit of Rs.360/- will be refunded when the student leaves the college at the end of the academic year, after deducting dues if any to the College.