The College has set up a Planning Board as per UGC guidelines to approve the proposal for development of the teacher education programme, after identifying the needs and deciding on its priorities. Besides the Principal, Coordinator IQAC, senior teachers, Librarian, and the head accountant are the members of the Planning Board. After finalizing the budget allocation, the planning board will submit the details as per Annexure I and Annexure II to UGC.

The members are:

  1. Dr.Mariamma Mathew ( Principal)
  2. Dr.Velayudhan Nair.T (IQAC Coordinator)
  3. Dr.Alie Molly Verghis
  4. Dr.Sony Mary Varghese
  5. Dr.Mumthas.S
  6. Sri.Tony Cherian (College Librarian)
  7. Smt.Gigi.K. Varghese