The College has established a special Cell for the Guidance and Counseling of the teacher trainees. This Cell addresses the diverse socio-economic challenges and geographic backgrounds of the heterogeneous group. The cell provides guidance to the students of the college to improve their overall personalities and help them to meet challenges in their life.

Guidance & Counseling Cell has been established in the college to provide guidance to achieve following objectives:-

  1. To help the student teachers to recognise their strengths and weakness
  2. To identify and develop students’ abilities and interests
  3. To help the students to solve their Personal, Educational and psychological problems.
  4. To develop positive attitude and self-confidence to meet challenges.
  5. To create awareness among the student teachers on the importance of teaching profession
  6. To enable them to adjust to the new situations and strategies followed in the institution.
  7. To acquaint them with the classroom situations
  8. To develop courage in students to handle classroom problems

Teacher educators of the institution handle classes on stress management ,mind power, time management etc.The students are made comfortable to share their problems with the teachers and they are assured that their information will be kept confidential by the institution. The Counselling Cell provides both group counselling and individual (one-on-one) counselling services, and the sessions are offered in privacy and strict confidentiality.In addition to the teacher educators,we have a professional counsellor,who is reckoned in necessity.

Our counsellor is experienced in handling issues like interpersonal conflicts (family/ friends), relationship management, anger management, emotional disturbances, peer pressure and value-based conflicts.We also provide students with career orientation in association with placement cell , in order to help them to take decisions regarding their career. Students who require psychiatric help are referred to practising professional psychiatrists and therapists, along with their counselling sessions in college. Many students have benefitted from these sessions, as a result of which they are now able to handle their lives with improved self-esteem and confidence.