Living away from home in student accommodation is a great way for you to make new friends and integrate quickly into university life.

On campus residence facilities are provided in the College. . Students are accommodated in these hostels. The atmosphere in these residence halls provides a feeling of “home away from home”. The application to these hostels should be given on the day of the admission itself.
It has good infrastructure which makes students feel comfortable and find a homely atmosphere. Proximity to the city means that the students are housed in a hostel which has a serene and calm atmosphere and yet have access to the city. Detailed thought and consideration has gone in to provide utmost comfort to the students with more personal space provided in an ideal location. We believe in the aphorism ‘Healthy minds dwell in healthy bodies’ and to that end students are encouraged to use the sports facilities available in the hostel blocks.
Peet Memorial Training College has a good range of comfortable, secure and reasonably priced accommodation, More than 50 students live on the campus and enjoy the beautiful facilities at the campus. Spacious rooms, 24 hour power back up, wi-fi connectivity, are some of the basic features of hostels at PEET campus.


Holistic growth of the hostelites


Providing education with a purpose through value based education.


To ensure the upliftment of the girls, through education.
The iconic EMILY Hostel was established in 1969 on the premises of the College and aimed to accommodate young women from all stations of life and were determined to gain a meaningful educational experience. The Hostel was founded with the intention that distance or lack of access should not be a stumbling block in a young woman’s quest for a better life through the agency of education.
A sense of community is inculcated in the hostelites, enabling them to live with one another in the spirit of cooperation and friendship. The hostel monitors the students and keeps watch over their emotional and spiritual needs. There are counselling measures in place for those who feel out of place or a sense of disconnect from their families. Daily morning mass, rosary and spiritual exercises like confession, faith building gatherings and faith sharing are attended by the students, thereby helping them find spiritual solace and inspiration.Keen interest is taken to increase the academic performance of the students. Daily study hours are stipulated to maintain regularity in study patterns.
Celebrations and cultural programmes too are organized by the community for the students to encourage family spirit through Onam and Christmas. The hostelites participate in all the activities in full spirit through singing, competitions, games and refreshments. At the end of every year a farewell party for the final year outgoing students is organized with a parting message.
The hostel regularly organizes cultural programmes and get togethers for the students.  The hardwork of our pioneers down the years has borne rich harvest and the fruits of their labour are seen in the achievements. As we move down the memory lane we see the various developments that have taken place. The students who are not staying with the parents shall reside in the college hostel as per college rules.
The institute provides magnificent residential facilities offering a comprehensive range of facilities within the institute. We understand that most of our students are moving away from home for the first time, so we strive to make the transition as smooth as possible by providing comfortable, safe and homely set-up within the campus. All the rooms have been designed to provide adequate moving space and ample air and light.
Our hostels provide a disciplined, safe, calm, hygienic and peaceful atmosphere for students for their studies as well as personal growth.
All the rooms are well furnished with necessary furniture, fans and lights. There are enough bathrooms and wash facilities, both common and attached. Hostel has a prayer hall. In short, the hostel facility of the College provides a secure and comfortable home-away-from home feeling for our students.
Hostel provides feeling of Home-Away-From-Home to the students. Keeping in view the same philosophy we provide a secure, comfortable and healthy environment for all the residents of hostels. The hostel accommodation comprises of rooms which are well furnished, hygienic and have ultramodern amenities.
The food served is of high quality and meets the acceptable quality standards of as laid down under FSSAI and other Govt food safety regulations. Special consideration is given to provide a well-balanced, nutritional diet with varying food tastes.

General Hostel Rules And Regulations

  • Every day, attendance will be taken at 6.30 p.m. in the evening in the respective rooms of students. Students are not permitted to go out of hostel/room after attendance.
  • Students are expected to behave with dignity and decency.
  • Students are not permitted to stay in hostel during college hours without prior permission.
  • Day scholars are not permitted into the hostel for any reason.
  • For leaving the hostel/campus for outings, all procedures should be followed, like gate pass/entries in the registers/Wardens’ permission etc. should be obtained from the respective officials. On outing days, students should return to the campus by 5.30 p.m.
  • Church visit is allowed every Sunday with prior permission. (No special or regular outing for those students).
  • Visitors are not allowed during week days (Monday to Friday).
  • Sitting, chatting, sleeping in another room is not permitted among hostel students.
  • Visitors’ days (Only Parents/Local Guardian/Relatives) are Saturdays and Sundays between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m.
  • Study hours are from 8.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. During the study hours room front door should not be locked. Students should maintain strict silence during study hours and thereafter upto 8.30 a.m.
  • Students should follow the mess timings strictly. Any violation of these rules will be viewed seriously and strict action will be taken accordingly.
  • Ragging in any form is not permitted within the hostel. If any student is found engaged in any kind of ragging activities, he/she will be expelled from the University immediately.
  • No day scholar or guest is permitted to stay in the hostel / guest house without availing of permission from the respective Hostel Warden.
  • No student should deface his/her respective room in any manner by sticking posters, papers etc.,
  • All the students are required to switch off the lights and fans of the room when they are not in the room. Heater/ iron box/kettle/high wattage Music system and any other electrical appliances exceeding the power consumption of 300 watts and more will not be permitted.
  • Permission should be obtained from the Warden for use of table fans and any other electrical appliances.
  • Campus residents shall not organize or address any meeting in the hostel without prior permission of the warden.
  • Students should not encourage unauthorized vendors / persons in the hostels.
  • Campus residents are instructed to dine only in their respective hostel mess and follow the mess rules and regulations strictly.
  • Consumption of drugs, alcohol, smoking and chewing of pan are strictly prohibited on the campus.
  • In case of serious illness and infectious diseases, the students should report the same to the concerned resident warden for immediate action.
  • Playing cards or any other form of gambling is strictly prohibited in the hostel.
  • Campus residents will not be permitted to keep any powered vehicle (Two wheelers or four wheelers) inside the hostel campus.
  • Visitors are to be entertained in the lobby and should not be allowed into the rooms. Their names are to be recorded in the visitors register. Disciplinary action will be taken for violation of rules and misconduct by hostel inmates. In all matters of discipline, the decision of the Management will be final. A student expelled on disciplinary grounds will have to forfeit fees and deposit paid.
  • Entry into the kitchen is strictly prohibited, except for the Resident Warden and Mess Committee Members.
  • Private Cooking in the hostel rooms or in the hostel premises is not permitted.
  • Students should be dressed decently and should not disturb others when they are in the dining hall.
  • Food should not be taken to the rooms without the permission of the warden.
  • Complaints regarding quality of food and other suggestions should be entered in the suggestion/ complaint register available in the mess hall.
  • Food and water should not be wasted.
  • The removal of chairs and utensils from the dining hall is not permitted.
  • No mess reduction is permitted under any circumstances.


Working Days


Break fast

07.30 am to 08.40 am

08.00 am to 09.30 am.


11.30 am to 02.00 pm

12.30 pm to 02.00 pm


04.30 pm to 05.15 pm

04.30 pm to 05.15 pm


07.15 pm to 08.30 pm

08.15 pm to 09.30 pm

A Neat Room – A Healthy Environment

  • Please utilize the dustbin kept in the corridor for throwing garbage.
  • Keep the clothes, pillows and bedspreads neat and clean. Wash them at least once in a fortnight.
  • Use hangers for hanging clothes.
  • Do not dry (washed) clothes inside the room.
  • Avoid foul smelling items inside your room
  • Please ensure that your footwear is clean.
  • Please do not stick anything on the windows, doors & walls.
  • Students are advised to trim their hair at least once in a month.

Consumption Of Water And Electricity

Water and electricity are precious. Avoid wastage of water while bathing and when using the toilet. See that the taps are closed after use. Switch off all electrical fittings when not in use.