Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world, but themselves

Stephen Moss

The world in 21st century is developing at alarming rate while on the other hand the destruction of natural resources is going on. Human dominated world are ignoring the earth’s essential life support systems. Today, the human society is facing severe environmental problems. Nature Based Learning practised in Peet Memorial Training College since 1994. The Nature club strives to make aware of the environmental problem around. With this aim, authorities have established Nature club named “HONEYCOMB” for environmental education, conservation and protection of biodiversity on the campus. It is the centre for nurturing of knowledge, the co-operation of volunteers and the new ideas and their implementation. In this context the Nature club of the college has always been committed to inspire students to think differently and organize environmental awareness programmes, seminars, discussion, study classes, field visits etc. Nature club of the college collaborates with WWF and arrange field visit and study classes. Nature club Honeycomb has partnership with Government Departments like

  • Department of Forest and Wildlife:-(a) Organising Nature Camps at different Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks of Kerala.(b) Participates in the Ecorestoration Programme at Pampadum Shola National Park
  • Department of Disaster management: – Training programme on managing disasters for students.
  • Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment: – Prepares school students for the annual National Biodiversity Congress.