Internal Compliance Committee formed; Suraksha organized!

October 27, 2021

As per the instructions received, an Internal Compliance Committee was formulated with the following members.

Dr. Alie Molly Verghis (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Sony Mary Varghese (Assistant Professor)
Mrs. Gigi K. Varghese (Superintendent)
Mr. Biju David
Ms. Jeeva Susan Kurian (Student Representative)

The Internal Compiance Committee and IQAC of the college decided to conduct an awareness programme on Laws in favour of Women from different walks of life. The programme was conducted on 25th October 2021 at 2 pm in the college auditorium. Adv. Anzil Zacharia Komattu, Criminal Lawyer and Senior Consultant of Cyber Law and Practice, First Class Magistrate Court, Thiruvalla was the esteemed resource person who in his talk tried to attract the student’s attention on various issues faced by women and how they could seek the help of the judiciary to overcome those situations. The resource person also drew the student’s attention to the different circumstances in and around our family and locality, where a girl or lady or woman can be illtreated by others. He encouraged the young student teachers to give mental support to their students, friends and other ladies who are in need of help. The talk was enlightening and motivating. Dr. Maramma Mathew, the Principal of the College welcomed the gathering and Ms. Arya Ajithan, the Magazine Editor of the College Union proposed the vote of thanks. The programme was co-ordinated by Dr. Alie Molly Verghis.






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