College Crest

The College adopted its crest and motto in 1960. The Crest is a distinguishing device, teaching great values through its symbolism and urging on us an ennobling motto.

The main symbol, the open book is symbolic of wisdom and knowledge and the burning lamp reminds us that knowledge like light, when shared with others, illuminates ourselves and the light we receive is to be relayed so as to be beneficial for all.

The two coconut trees in right upper part are symbolic of Kerala, the land of coconuts. They also signify the need for proper nurture for producing fruit in abundance, when like knowledge, will be used by all those who need it.

Our coat of arms bears on top the motto of the college ?Lighted to Lighten?.
So with the light of wisdom, let us live on the campus a life inspired by the spirit to enlighten and to be enlightened.