Every year college union members will be elected by the student as per the direction and instructions of the University of Kerala. The different posts for election are (1) chairman, (2) Vice-Chairman, (3) General Secretary (4) Arts club secretary, (5) Magazine Editor,(6) University Union councilor, Secretary, for sports and games, women?s cell secretary, social service secretary and class representatives. The college union is intended to provide the students with opportunities to channalize their energies and talents in a constructive manner. All the activities of the college union are organized and conducted under the guidance of the concerned teachers.


An association for every subject is functioning under the guidance of the subject teachers. The associations of his college are ELAN (English Association) Mathematics Association, physical science Association, Nat. Science Association. The Association organizes seminars, lectures, debates, competitions and workshops.


Guidance and Counselling Cell is functioning in an effective manner to strengthen the student teacher?s, to identify their skills and to solve their emotional and personal problems. The teachers function as counsellors. Besides, experts and professionals in this field are often invited.


The Woman study cell is organized as per the directions U.G.C.and the University. All the lady students are members of the cell. The objectives of this organization are; to create awareness of social problems faced by women in general.
to empower them politically, socially, culturally, economically and educationally.
to identify their abilities and disabilities.
to train them to be the socially useful citizens and leaders.


The club strives to make its members aware of the environmental problems around. With this aim, environmental awareness programmes, seminars, discussions, study classes, field visits etc. are organized. The ?Honey Comb? nature clubs of this college collaborates with WWF and arrange 4 days filed visit and study.


The Music Club is a form of music lovers of the college. The club aims at organizing choir groups for singing patriotic songs, National Anthem and Ganamela?s.


Centre for Adult and Continuing Education and Extension (CACEE). A special wing for CACEE is working in this college, under the auspices of the University of Kerala . The CACEE has sanctioned two certificate courses for the college. One is Functional English (CFE) and the other is Certificate courses in early childhood Education (CECE). The classes for these certificate courses will be conducted during this year. Regular students of this institution as well as outsiders can join the courses and they will be awarded certificates from the University after completion of the courses.

The advisory board consists of Teachers and representatives of the Adult Education Centre, Kerala University.