New Meaning to Old things- Jessmin Sara Aby

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New Meaning to Old things- Jessmin Sara Aby

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New Meaning to Old things.

Scars are not always celebrated, so is failure. We tend to always dwell on that “wise step I took” on that date, that year.

A lot of things in life have a set meaning to them, mail means to write an email, and messaging usually means whatsapp unless mentioned otherwise.

There is a set meaning for everything and anything in life that we assign to things, feelings, memories and every minute of life that passes by.

Moving ahead in the journey of life, each day brings us a different experience, a new smell that we come across would have a new meaning, a new taste that we realize we don’t like, or an old taste just grew old on you and you promise yourself to never have this again.

Everyday, and every minute of every day brings about a whole new world of opportunities for us to rectify that what we wished we had done differently.

Rainbows don’t always have to mean a happy memory to us, it may be a sad memory of a moment that would never come back and it may change to a happy moment the next time we see it.

Being open to the existence of change and the possibility of change happening any time would definitely bring a new meaning to this old and tiring life.