Installation of College Union 2019-20

union 2019
College Union & Arts Club Inauguration
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Installation of College Union 2019-20

union 2019

College Union 2k19 of Peet memorial training college.

A new chapter, a new leaf, the college union members had the privilege of receiving the badge of honor from their seniors. The candle of hope, love and responsibilities was handed over from the loving members of College Union 2018 to their newly elected members who lovingly gave them a rose as a symbol of love, thanking them for their amazing works, for the footprints they have left, for the loving words, for the warm words of kindness, for encouraging the new members to be better than them.

College Union 2018 was one of the best College Unions of Peet Memorial Training College, Rangolsav is one among of the amazing works that have been conducted by them. Each member is unique in their own way and bought with them their skill sets and talents that made the Union a well oiled machine. The speeches given by each of th em is a testament to their unity and talents.

Quoting Professor V.C. John Sir who was the Chief of Honor for the college union inauguration “God sends everyone with a set of talents”. College Union 2019 brings along with them a bunch of unique talents which was highly evident is the first program organized by them after coming into power.

Led by Meriya Cherian, the chairperson the team of College Union Members worked for the inauguration of the college union and Arts Club. The college union was inaugurated by Professor V.C. John, he was the former Vice principal of Bishop Moore College Mavelikara. He brings along with him over 30 years of teaching experience. He was the HOD of English department. His students highly recommend him as a good teacher and a great dramatist. A very positive person with a lot of small ideas and thought provoking ideas who can make you think and do something about it. He emphasized on the importance of teachers becoming students daily and how to become a good teacher one must become a good student and learning is a continuous process.

He gave us a secret ingredient to becoming a good teacher and a good human being, the secret ingredient is nothing other than “Love” . He has definitely put in some seeds in everyone present there about various small and big things. He emphasized the value of small gestures like giving a seat for the elderly or the sick on the bus or train which is a basic concern for the fellow human being. Among the topics he covered he also talked about how we spend our time, various effects of media and how we take it. He has inspired us to stand for what we believe in, stand against what we feel is wrong and raise our voice when necessary. It was truly inspiring to hear this great mind at work and a moment of privilege.

Father Severious managed to capture the entire crowd first through his message and then his brilliant singing. He spoke about the power that the youth possessed to advocate for change. Change being the need of the hour and the necessity of the nature, he took us back to times to days of the flood where youths from various places, all came together fighting all barriers possible with just one goal and aim. He opened our eyes to how much more we can do and what we can do need not be in these four walls. He was not a mere preacher but he definitely showed us various things though his life and various things he did. He managed to get our students off their chairs, his songs still remain very close to the hearts of all there.

Sanjana, an upcoming actress and an amazing singer, her voice took us all into another world. To hear such a small child sing so beautifully was an amazing experience. She has captured the hearts and souls of a lot of chechys and chettans sitting in front of her with her sweet words and melodious music.

The students of Peet were a brilliant set of audience all throughout the day. Post lunch there were brilliant cultural programs and dances by the students. The well timed dances with beautiful expressions managed to mesmerize everyone seated on the other side. The auditorium of Peet was filled with claps of joy and laughter. The evening was filled with a musical instrument fest by Mr. Rijo Joshua , Mr. Sankar and their team. Mr. Rijo on his keyboard and Mr. Hari on his violin with their brilliant music, the notes and the keys all hitting their right ones took everyone seated there into a world of music altogether. With a lot of familiar fast instrumentals they managed to get the students of their seats. This sight was a new one for the first years of Peet, all the students truly enjoyed the music, dancing and laughter.

It was a day filled with laughter and joy. The thoughts given by various people who came on stage were seeds planted in the hearts of each one sitting there. The dancing filled every heart with joy, the music brought tears of joy and happiness. It is now a day in history. A day that would be remembered by all present there for what it was and what it will be.