The Emily Peet ladies hostel has been started for providing comfortable accommodation for lady students of the college. The hostel is in the same compound of college.Smt. Susan. A. George is serving as the warden and Smt. Mumthas. S is the Chief warden.
The maximum intake of students is 60. A mess is functioning on all days which provide delicious food. All important festivals are celebrated in the hostel and Hostel Day in a colorful way.


We have a computer lab with 40 computer with high speed (10mbps) OFC connection. Ms. Lija Rajan is the teacher in-charge of the computer lab. The lab features wifi, public address system and LCD projector. Printing and reprographic and scanning services are in the computer lab.

Compter lab1DSC_0188


The campus is a Wi-Fi campus and all classroom and lecture halls are equipped with Computers, Interactive, and Whiteboard with Internet connection. Classes are taken using PowerPoint presentations and training is given to the facility to use the IWB, which is effectively utilized. Student’s present seminars make presentations; take criticism lessons, micro teaching sessions and new model lesson plans utilizing these facilities.


The lab school of the college is the Bishop Hodges High school and Higher Secondary school, located inside the campus. This is the oldest and the most prestigious school in Alappuzha District. Students from this school are engaged by the institution for demonstration, classes, and criticism classes and block teaching practice / internship sessions facility exchange programmes, sharing of expertise are carried out between the institutions.

BH high school2


To cater the religious needs of students of all in the religious in the institution, a multi – religious prayer hall is maintained. It is open during working hours of the college and students can enter and offer prayers.


We have a playground to conduct sports and games.