Era of ‘Being Near’ – Esther

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Era of ‘Being Near’ – Esther


Used to feel 2019 years is quite a big number of days from the 1st century B.C..

Many generations of many kinds has come and went,

And many on the run,

Still the time St. John has prophesied as ‘Has Come Near’ >2000 years ago has not come.

Wondering if this many years, cannot be equated to the measure of that ‘Being Near’, then what is a mere century-long life span of ours in that.

Could be just a blink of the Beginner’s Eyes.

Millions and millions of years away we are from past , present and future, maybe.


But we can be bold and brave and live the small life to the fullest and the deepest

More deeper than the measure of millions of years

Only if we exist together, bonded by the unquestionable and unbeatable, elixir of love.

Every dangerous plough we make to this ‘should be” bonding,

Through religion, race, class, sex, culture, language, physique,

Through jealous,anger, greed, hypocrisy

Through money, wealth, lust, authority

Are we not making fools of ourself!


 Only if we realize the brevity, the beauty, the ecstasy of this small but big and deep life of ourselves,

We who can think, feel, reflect, give and take meaning and meaninglessness

To Entities known and unknown,

Joining hands with nature ( in my fantasies who too can think and express))

Strive forward exploring and surprising each other with their own wonders and craziness,

All this Era of Nearness

To another something more surprising ..