Physical Education

The physical education department started in 1960.

Prof. Ninan Thomas                    B.PEd.                     1960-1989

Prof. Bobby Oommen Kurien    M.PEd., Mphil       1989-

Annual Athletic Meet 2016

This year sports day was conducted on 1 Aprill 2016 It was inaugurated by Sri, Rajesh Kumar, Sub Inspector of police ,Kayamkulam. He was the former student of the college.

Almost all the students have participated in the Athletic meet. The speciality of our meet was the spectacular march past and the Aerobic display by the students.


Induvidual Champions

Men                                       –                      Ananth Krishnan .K.U

WOMEN                               –                      Vindhuja Raj .V


Aerobic Exercise

We have organised a 10 day long class on aerobic .Irrespective of age and sex,everyone has participated and completed the 10 day long corse successfully.Vindhuja Raj and  Kavya .p Kumar were judged as the best performers.



Special training and classes  were arranged for yoga  and meditation for the last many years. Some. Although some students have some difficulty, They are regularly participated in the training session .The International Yoga Day was celebrated in a splendid way.

  • Play Ground for football, Athletics
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton Court
  • Volleyball court
  • Multi Gym
  • Thread mill
  • Dumbbells
  • LCD TV and Cable connection